We are an elite leadership consulting group who work with the most influential leaders in the world. We build long term strategic partnerships to help you, your team and organisation win.

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The best place to start is with an initial engagement to give you the opportunity to experience GiANT and decide for yourselves whether we are the right long term partner for you and your organisation.

Recommended initial engagements include:

A series of interactive keynotes, team workshops or a facilitated team retreat.

“In the course of a year, I will invariably find myself playing the roles of life coach, strategic business consultant, marriage counsellor, pastor, father and friend."

steve cockram, giant co-founder

What might an enterprise partnership with us look like? 

02. Benchmarked and targeted investment

The GiANT OS platform enables you to benchmark the performance of every team in your organisation and invest in the leaders who need it most. GiANT OS allows you to track the long term health of every team and measure ROI. 

03. Specialist coaching and consulting

At a certain level of seniority, it is advisable to have external support in the role of a trusted advisor, consultant or performance coach.

 At GiANT London, we offer a range of bespoke coaching / consulting solutions for individuals and senior teams that can be bought in three or six month packages.

 Find out how we can make your Executive Team invincible, download the product menu below.

01. Internal champions

GiANT will train and support your internal champions to use the GiANT OS platform, deliver workshops, lead cohorts through GiANT training programs, and embody the leadership culture you want others to imitate.

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"Working with GiANT as a Senior Executive of a large biotech company, I can honestly say the experience was life-transforming and team-strengthening. People better understood themselves and each other, which resulted in a greater level of self-awareness and a more inclusive culture. These two qualities almost always give way to high-performing teams," empowered to deliver world-class results. No matter how challenging the business environment, working with GiANT has enabled me and my team to rise above the challenges and outperform the market."

Terry O'Regan

President, Brains Bioceutical Corp & Former Senior Vice President Biogen

"Anthesis has used GiANT at both a corporate level and as coaches for our leadership team. Their insights into the health of our team dynamics, and also in helping us to understand our purpose and who we are designed to be, has been immensely valuable."

Stuart McLachlan

CEO Anthesis

"The journey of self awareness has been the greatest understanding of How God has made me and understanding of how life has shaped me. To be able to see my tendencies and trajectories as a leader both good and bad, have tools to address them, and grow to be the healthy leader God has called me to be had been transformational. The transformation in my heart, my relationships, my marriage, with my children, and the team I lead has allowed me to be the best version of me. The major question has always been “what’s it like to be on the other side of me?” Now I know and that’s because of Giant in my life."

Ed Newton

lead pastor, community bible church

“Giant has empowered the team at Kadence to perform at the highest level. We feel like we're flourishing personally and corporately.”

Dan Bladen

Ceo, Kadence

“Our GiANT London Consultant is an indispensable resource for our organisation, coaching us in the many facets of leadership, communication and strategy. They have helped us unlock our potential, enabling us to confidently grow to the next level.”

Stuart Allen

Cto, valid8