Designed for influential leaders at the key transition moments of their lives.

Life Intensive™

Unlock your preferred future.

Are you a senior pastor or non-profit leader asking what the next season of life and ministry should look like?

Are you an entrepreneur who has sold their business and wondering what to do next?

Are you a successful professional who is wondering whether you want to spend the next decade doing the same thing?

It's easy for influential leaders to lose focus and for life to drift by.​

Thats why we spent the last decade honing and refining the Life Intensive process.

Life Intensive Roadmap 

3 hours

This is where we join up the dots from the previous sessions, connecting nature, nurture and choice to your preferred future. Together we make a robust plan of how to get there and unpack the kryptonite that could hold you back.

Session 4: What is going to stop you from living that life? 
(Part 2)

3 hours

This final session is a celebration of the journey! Together we walk through the plan for your preferred future so you have the clarity and confidence to live into it. At the end of the Life Intensive we want you to confidently say 'I know how to make my life count.'

Session 5: Building a bridge to your future

3 hours

This is a full session! We dive deeper into exploring your current leadership behaviours. We also take time to unpack the values most important to you and together we vision a life giving future.

Session 2: What would you most love to do with your life? 

3 hours

In this session we unpack your natural leadership strengths, challenges and predictive behaviours. We focus on understanding who you are at your very best.

Session 1: Who are you really?

3 hours

This session is where you tell your story! We dive into the life experiences that have shaped you to date and connect this to your preferred future.

Session 3: What is going to stop you from living that life? 
(Part 1)

After completing the Intensive, we'll schedule a quarterly check in to ensure you stay on track towards your preferred future.

+ free quarterly check in

Delivered digitally or in person.
Ranging from £7000 - £50,000

(dependant on the Consultant and type of delivery). 

"The GiANT Life Intensive revolutionised my leadership. Before doing a Life Intensive I felt stuck and couldn’t see clearly my next steps. Our entire organisation operates more effectively because of my intensive experience. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to maximise their leadership potential"

Steven Gibbs

senior pastor, stone creek church

"The GiANT Life Intensive process was transformational. I’d been in executive leadership positions for years and still didn't really know who I was. The Life Intensive transformed the way I see myself, helped me clarify the unique value I bring to a team, and gave me language to better communicate with others. I promise that your return on investment will be exponential."

Holly Moore

founder, hollis strategies

"Our experience was life-changing! Very few times in life do you have something that changes how you live daily. Before the GiANT Life Intensive I didn’t know who I was, so I allowed others to build my identity. Investing in a GiANT Life Intensive released what I always knew was possible but could never seem to access, my own hidden genius. I think the question is not what it cost you to do; it costs you NOT to do it!"

John and Ash Marsh

founders, marsh collective

"The GiANT Life Intensive was a major mile marker in my life and leadership. Before doing the Intensive I was at a significant life crossroads and unsure of which direction to take next. The Life Intensive was a catalyst for launching into the next season. It’s a powerful experience to help any leader at any level unlock their true calling and purpose. I highly recommend it."

Brad Lomenick

Founder, blinc

"I came to a key transition in life, where I felt I needed help to clarify a focus for the next season of life. The GiANT Life Intensive program has provided clarity of the direction of travel as well as improvements in my personal and professional life. My approach to challenges and opportunities are now better underpinned by my own value system which is built on purpose, integrity, and trust. I would recommend a GiANT Life Intensive to anyone."

Seun Ogunleye

Manager Digital Business Solutions Rosenberg Worley